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A beauty hydrangea dreaming Grandiflora

Every gardener or houseplants-lover knows a hydrangea. It’s a fascinating plant. There’re a lot of hydrangea species. It is cultivated in flower pots on windowsills, on balconies, in gardens. City flowerbeds are decorated with this plant. All species are beautiful; each of them has its features. A hydrangea dreaming Grandiflora will be an adornment of any garden for sure.

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Planting and caring of garden hydrangea

A hydrangea is loved by many gardeners. It is a beautiful-in-bloom bush which can winter in open ground. Hydrangea flowering starts in the height of summer and goes on till the autumn. Let’s make out with features of planting and caring of hydrangea.

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Typical mistakes of caring for plants – wrong hydrangea planting

1. The VITAL thing that should be taken into account when you plan caring for new blooming hydrangea in a container is that any plant will feel OK if a proportion of a root system and an overground part is in balance. The root system and place for it shouldn’t be smaller than an overground part. If an underground part of the plant is smaller than an overground one, especially in bloom, such a plant should be backed with INTENSIVE dripping watering and high-quality fertilizers.

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