How to get rid of flower midge

Our office have plenty of beautiful indoor plants, but in recent years almost all nearly all got small black midges. They swarm over the plants, crawling on the soil and in pots. At first we were confused with employees, not knowing how to overcome of them. Imbued with this problem, each of us spoke to friends about this problem, and eventually we have formed a whole list of "popular" ways of dealing with flower midges. This unique collection of tips I bring to your attention.

But for a start it would be nice to know whence are these midges.


What is flower midge?

Stsiaridy or flower midges, according to popular, are the result of excessive moisture of plants when the soil between waterings don’t have enough time to dry out. This usually happens in winter. Themselves midges, which settled to the plant are not dangerous (they more irritate the owners of the flower), but their larvae can damage the root system. If the pot have so many larvae that you can easily see them, it is necessary to transplant the suffered plant into a new ground, decontaminated and processed by special substances from flower midge.

IMPORTANT! Do not confuse a fruit and flower midge. Look at photos of flower and fruit midges if you want to distinguish them.

fruit midge

Fruit midge

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Flower midge

Preventing the appearance of flower midge

Follow a few simple rules, and stsiaridy never appear in your plants:

  • loose periodically soil in the pot;
  • avoid frequent and prolonged waterlogging of the soil;
  • don’t forget to inspect the leaves, and if you find sick ones, then immediately remove them;
  • don’t experiment with water for watering. "Tea", "meat", "coffee" water is a real treat for flower midge.

So midges infest from surplus of moisture. To avoid stagnation of water in the substrate, water it when the top part dries at least to 1-1.5 cm. For watering use only soft water. To soften water, you can boil it, maintain, freeze, acidify by peat.

How to deal with the flower midge (stsiaridamy)

  • Here is one of the most affordable ways. For the treatment of a medium-sized flower pot, you will need 4 matches. Plug each match head into the ground and pour lightly the soil. Periodically remove and inspect the match and as soon as the sulfur disappears, insert the new ones. The average match cope with midge per four "changes".
  • №2. Pour the flower affected by midge, with a mild solution of potassium permanganate (do not overdo because a strong concentrate can burn your plant!).
  • No. 3. For watering use a mild soap solution.
  • №4. Recipe of the German florists: grind 3 heads of garlic and pour liter of boiled water. The mixture should stand for at least four hours, and then spay the plant with filtered garlic infusion, and pour the soil in the pot. This method is ideal for those who don’t confuse the smell of garlic in apartment.
  • №5. Eat an orange, break peel into pieces and insert them into the ground.
  • №6 do the same with garlic: cut along a few cloves and spread all over the ground by putting slice down.
  • №7. From the insects use a pencil. You can sprinkle the pencil chips directly onto the ground and draw a few dashes on the pot.
  • Use the shop remedies if you aren’t a fan of the popular ways.

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