10 Indoor Plants That Bring Luck, Money and Domestic Happiness

Not many of you know that some indoor plants are able to bring their owners luck, attract money or even help with love. All you need to do is to find a suitable place for the right plant in your house and take good care of it!

We've collected a Top-10 of indoor plants that have magical characteristics in many popular believes.


Plants That Bring Luck, Money and Domestic Happiness

  1. Spathiphyllum


    This plant is also known as Peace Lily or Female Happiness. Believes promise that if you put this plant in your home, it will help you to find love or fix your broken relationship.

  2. Violets


    Did you know that people call violets flowers of peace? They say that violets keep quarrels away from homes where they grow. Also, a violet is a symbol of eternal faith. White violets are known as plants that help people to heal from a heartache.

  3. Chinese hibiscus

    Chinese 	hibiscus

    The symbol of Malaysia and the emblem of Hawaii, Hibiscus is also known as a symbol of peace and passion.

  4. Wax plant

    Wax 	plant

    Or Hoya carnosa. In many lands this plant is known as a Green Valentine and used for love confessions. Of course, the best place for a wax plant at home is a bedroom.

  5. Myrtle


    A great present for a young couple! Myrtle promises to bring blessedness, understanding and domestic peace.

  6. Aichryson


    The popular names of aichryson say it all: The Tree of Happiness, The Tree of Love.

  7. Calathea


    People say that calatheas help to save domestic happiness. The perfect gift for a couple that is thinking about separating.

  8. Chlorophytum


    This modest plant will bring peace and understanding into your house. It's popular to grow in offices where many different people have to find a common ground every day. Chlorophytum makes the air in the house cleaner. Did you just finish renovating your house? Put a chlorophytum in the room and it will remove all chemical smells from the air.

  9. Oxalis


    People believe that oxalis helps its owner to find true love.

  10. Anthurium


    Anthurium is well known as a male amulet. In some places it's even named Male Happiness. People say that anthurium helps to improve male power, so the ideal place for this plant is obviously not in the kitchen...

Certainly, there are more believes about magical abilities of plants. For example, a copper leaf plant helps men to improve masculinity and strength of characther, but at the same time brings gentleness and femality to women. Another legend speaks of Cyclamen's ability to keep nightmares away.

Plants With Negative Energy

Sure, there are also believes about plants that bring negative energy. People say that an ivy plant that can pitch a man out of his home, and also that kids have bad dreams when sleeping in a room where ivy grows.

People believe that powerful monsteras aren't good for everyone. They say it's better not to grow monsteras in the houses where people have throat problems. And they advise you to put a blue lace with a rock crystal on the plant: it helps to daunt monsteras.


But we believe that the most important thing is to remember that the plants are alive. They reply with positive energy to your good care.


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If you decide to grow a plant because it's trendy, you will never feel happy when taking care of it. As well, a plant will never be happy next to an owner who doesn't really like it.

Don't buy a jade plant (money tree) just in hope it will make you rich, don't grow a spathiphyllum just because you are looking for love.

Plants feel your attitude. Love them, take great care of them and they will become a true talisman for your home.

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