A beauty hydrangea dreaming Grandiflora

Every gardener or houseplants-lover knows a hydrangea. It’s a fascinating plant. There’re a lot of hydrangea species. It is cultivated in flower pots on windowsills, on balconies, in gardens. City flowerbeds are decorated with this plant. All species are beautiful; each of them has its features. A hydrangea dreaming Grandiflora will be an adornment of any garden for sure.


Panicle hydrangea: description

hydrangea dreaming Grandiflora
hydrangea dreaming Grandiflora

The hydrangea breed “Grandiflora” may be cultivated as a bush or a small tree. Its height may be up to two meters, tree trunk diameter – three meters.

This breed of hydrangea differs from other species of the plant in its inflorescences.

Hydrangea Grandiflora flowers form vast pyramidal inflorescences-brushes, which length may reach 30cm. Hydrangea flower usually are abortive, i.e. don’t afford. When the flowering starts, flowers have creamy white colour. Then its colour changes into snow-white, gradually turning to pink. When the autumn comes and the flowering is close to the end, a hydrangea Grandiflora changes its colour into green-red.

If a bought bush doesn’t educe typical inflorescences for a long time, don’t harry to throw it away. A plant needs time for development. So provide it with appropriate conditions and a hydrangea will gladden you many long years.

Hydrangea: planting and caring of

planting and caring
planting and caring

On the site for a hydrangea Grandiflora planting it’s better to choose places in shade. The plant bears growing in a city quite good if it is provided with well-timed watering. A soil should have an acid or subacid reaction. But a hydrangea can’t stand lime soils.

In winter the plant doesn’t need any shelter. In spring one should look after flood water conservation because a damp stagnation affects a root system.

Before planting it is needed to dig up a planting hole; it should be on 15-20cm bigger than a root system size. Then add a mature organic fertilizer (fire-fang muck or compost) and a sour peat. Place the plant in the hole, slightly pack a soil around and water with desilt.

Caring for mature individual is simple – it needs a dump soil and well-timed trimming.

The plant stands trimming. Do trimming in spring when turgid buds are well seen. First of all weak and old sprouts should be trimmed. When you form a crown, shorten branches to a length needed.

Hydrangea: breeding


The plant is bred by shifters, cuttings and bush dividing. A hydrangea Grandiflora has a surface root system which is quickly spreading around maternal plant, giving bastards. This is how this sort of hydrangea breeds.

Breeding Grandiflora by cutting isn’t difficult. But it needs some knowledge. This hydrangea may be grafted only in the first decade of June. Some other time it hardly strikes root. Choose a cutting with 5-6 nodes. Cut off leaves of two lower nodes, then slightly stain a cutting in a loose, damp soil on two nodes. It’s better to add send to soil. Cut 2/3 of other leaves and cover a cutting with a jar on 2 or 3 liters. Indispensable condition is striking roots in the shade, keeping up a permanent damp of soil.

A hydrangea may be relocated during whole vegetation period. But it’s better to divide bushes in spring or autumn.

Panicle hydrangea in landscape design

Panicle hydrangea in landscape design
Panicle hydrangea in landscape design

For gardens in regular styles it’s better to organize a standard form. A sort hydrangea “Grandiflora” is good for a decoration of front staircases. If to plant the bush near a house with columns, you will get expressive, pompous decoration of a small front garden.

Decorating the garden in a landscape style the natural bushy form is reserved. A bush is situated in the foreground. To create a tier group composition it’s better to plant mock oranges, mountain ashes and fieldfares in the background. It is undesirable to plant a hydrangea tightly to fruit trees because they will compete for water.

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Immortelles hydrangea
Immortelles hydrangea

You may maintain a beauty of Grandiflora for winter buckets of immortelles. If inflorescences are cut and each individually is suspended head first, their beauty may become a basis for a winter composition. Besides, inflorescences will save its original colour even when they are dry. Dry inflorescences should be protected only from a direct sun; otherwise they will fade and lose its colour.

The sort “Grandiflora” of a panicle hydrangea is a landscape culture which is undemanding to farming technique. Providing your green alumnus with appropriate place in the garden you will be returned the favor with an effective and prolonged flowering for many years.

Other than a hydrangea is used for a chop-in and a container planting to beautify verandas, patios and balconies.

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