Hortensius Bobo – advices of care

Nowdays there are a lot of kinds of hydrangeas, however panicle hydrangea is the most popular kind. And it has some reasons because this plant has a great number of advantages such as fast growth, unpretentiousness and unusual appearance.

Panicle hydrangea includes some sorts among which there is Bobo, which became very popular recently.


General characteristic

This sort is dwarfish, and, as a rule, reaches in height about 70 cm and about 50 cm in the diameter. Leaves have a dark green color, and the flowers usually are white, but the shade can vary from gentle-pink to the light-lemon.

The most plentiful blossoming of this plant happens during the period from July to September.

There is one interesting fact about Hortensius Bobo. If you want you can change the shade of flowers. You just need at change of bushes add iron or sulfate aluminum to land mix in the ratio of 20 grams on 1 km of the land.

Hortensius Bobo

Speaking about the most optimum conditions for cultivation of a hydrangea Bobo, the plant prefers semi-shady or solar sections which are well protected from wind streams. For landing it is the best of all to use the damp subacidic soil. It is necessary to pour this sort of hydrangeas once a week, besides, the plant doesn’t endure consolidation of the soil therefore the last follow to loosen several times for one season.

You can use hydrangeas Bobo everywhere – for design of terraces, borders, flower beds, and also for gardening of personal areas and small gardens. In addition, such flowers often are grown up in small containers on terraces or even balconies.

So, at the right care, flowers will grow beautiful and healthy and to please with the look of people around.

The care. General regulations

It’s necessary pour regularly the plant for this growth. It is the best to apply rain water in summer and thawed snow during the winter period. Thus it is necessary to watch that there isn’t lime in water. Availability of lime can destroy a hydrangea.

Landing of a hydrangea

Panicle hydrangea is landed in autumn and in spring. As a rule, flowers are from each other at distance of one meter, as root system of a hydrangea is not really deep, but very branched. It is best of all to pour flowers with rain water, and after pouring the to loose it.

At the end of May or at the beginning of June it is necessary to make feeding of plants by special solution of dung water with mineral fertilizer. In this case is best of all to use the following ingredients:

  • superphosphate
  • potash saltpeter
  • ammonium nitrate

This feeding helps improve blossoming and put the flowers buds for the next year. The earthing up of bushes of a hydrangea is carried out during the autumn. Planting hydrangeas you should carry out accurately all rules to get beautiful and healthy flowers.

Cutting of a plant happens during the period from February to April. usually some stronger stalks stay , and the others are cut out accurately.

Thus, the quantity of stalks which don’t need to be cut off completely depends on force of the bush. These stalks aren’t cut as the blossoming sprouts appear only from top buds.

From younger sprouts which are formed near a root neck, you should also leave some strong ones. They intend for replacement of already deflowered stalks of a hydrangea. And other sprouts can be cut out on small parts for their further reproduction.

Panicled hydrangea Bobo, as we know, form sprouts of the current year. Therefore if not to make cutting, bushes will look not only bad and groomed but quality of their blossoming will become decreasing considerably over time.

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If during the spring period to cut bushes accurately, soon they will have sprouts on which can be appear new inflorescences by the end of summer. The main rule in cutting is making it in the early spring for development of new growths. In addition, it is very important to feed a plant to provide stimulation for emergence of new healthy growths.

In the first year, you shouldn’t cut off hydrangeas very, in the process of landing strongly damaged only and weakened sprouts are removed accurately.

There is a way and to rejuvenate the growing old bushes. You should cut “on a stub” or on long-term wood. Such sprours can start blossoming on the next year.

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