A gorgeous hydrangea “Anabelle”

The plant, which is called with such a beautiful word as hydrangea, has a lot of species. To begin with, the hydrangea can be both house and garden plant. Secondly, hydrangea is a bush, tree and also liana. And there are some hundred breeds that were raised, for example hydrangea Anabelle refers to shrubby hydrangeas.

hydrangea “Anabelle”

This plant reaches about 120 cm in height. It also looks extremely beautiful, when it’s far from other plants and when it’s a component of the plant kingdom at the garden patch and surrounded by other plants. Anabelle is a lush bush; it’s leaves have saturated and deep green color, which can reach 30 cm in length. And when hydrangea blooms, one just can’t take eyes of it. The breed Anabelle has bright white flowers gathered in cap-shaped inflorescence.


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Planting a new bush of wild hydrangea, you will have to take care of it properly as this plant grows in strength fast and it needs a fair number of nutrients and moisture too. By the way, its name is translated as “vessel filled with water”, that’s why you have to water the bush of hydrangea quite often and abundantly. And right because of its enjoying the water, it’s better for it to be in slight half-shade. Under the shelter from scorching summer sunlight.


red hydrangea Anabelle

The hydrangea Anabelle is amazingly designed. This bush can grow up to 3 meters in diameter, and his blossom lasts for quite a long time: from the end of June till October. But to save a beautiful appearance of the wild hydrangea and the other breeds too, to keep it health and flowering, it should be cut at times, for example in the early spring. You can make cutting, when the plant reaches the age of 4. The earlier cutting can have an adverse impact on both the plant growth and its health and vitality at all.

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