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How to Care for a Kalanchoe at home

One can say about this flower: and how could I handle without it? Anyway, our mothers and grandmothers can’t imagine how one could not have at home such useful plant as kalanchoe. I remember we also had such one at home. And there is no wonder, as kalanchoe is a medical plant and it’s used medicinally for colds, cough, cuts and burns. Just for these purposes, I have begged my mother-in-law to give me already well grown up flower. In one word, kalanchoe is the flower, which is worth your efforts for care of it. And to prevent from wilting of such precious plant, let’s refresh our knowledge about care of kalanchoe at home.
  • 1.Medical and ornamental kalanchoe
  • 2.Care of kalanchoe at home
  • 3.Lightning
  • 4.Temperature
  • 5.Watering
  • 6.Humidity
  • 7.Cutting
  • 8.Fertilization
  • 9.Replanting

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