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Hydrangea Vanille Fraise

Hydrangea paniculata Vanilla fries “Vanille Fraise” has its own distinctive feature – this plant is resistant to cold weather. This kind of hydrangea stands low temperatures to -40 degrees. And you should not think about its shelter when you prepare green plantations for the wintering. Even if some bushes get frozen – it is not terrible, hydrangea can recover very quickly and we

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A gorgeous hydrangea “Anabelle”

The plant, which is called with such a beautiful word as hydrangea, has a lot of species. To begin with, the hydrangea can be both house and garden plant. Secondly, hydrangea is a bush, tree and also liana. And there are some hundred breeds that were raised, for example hydrangea Anabelle refers to shrubby hydrangeas.

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Hydrangea Phantom, growing and caring for plants

Hydrangea Phantom is one of the most beautiful among the paniculata hydrangeas. This kind of Hydrangea has a gorgeous lush blooms and unique honey aroma, which flowers send forth. So the floriculture fans love it very much. But not every gardener knows, how to care plants to make the bloom lasted longer.

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Climbing hydrangea

Decorating outward of this lianoid plant makes all of the amateur gardeners and pro-landscape designers fall in love with it.

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Hortensius Bobo – advices of care

Nowdays there are a lot of kinds of hydrangeas, however panicle hydrangea is the most popular kind. And it has some reasons because this plant has a great number of advantages such as fast growth, unpretentiousness and unusual appearance.

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