How to avoid problems with Kalanchoe?

It’s not so hard to grow the plants of Kalanchoe at home. But if you want the plant to gladden you by its outward, you must follow a few simple tips:

  • You must not water it too much, especially in a cold winter months. If the rotting process has affected a couple of leaves, so you must cut it off and reduce the soil moisture. If the situation is much harder, than you must attentively inspect the plant. Possibly it will be necessary to replant it to a different soil.
  • It is the common mistake, that the domestic Kalanchoe needs no bright daylight. But that’s wrong. The lack of natural light leads to the fall of the lower leaves. Their color becomes pale and caulises stand up strait. If you will not remove the flowerpot, then your plant looses its decorative effect. You can use the special phyto lamps for supplementary lighting in a winter time. You can buy the phyto lamps in the flower shops.
  • In some cases the leaves begin to fall and the growing slows down after the blooming. In this case, it is necessary to provide additional nutrition. The complete mineral fertilizer is good for this purpose. In addition to organizing fertilizing process it can be necessary to repot the flower in a fresh soil.
  • Newcomers often ask the question: why my Kalanchoe is not bloom. The poor lights and the breaking of the temperature rate can be the reason why. The flowerbuds begin to form at +16-18 °C. So it is smarter to move the flowerpot near the window or move it to the warmed loggia. And you must remember the necessary of the dressing process.
  • Pinching and pruning are required processes too. After the blooming you must cut off all the old flower stalks and prune the superfluous propagules. The pinching process starts when the young propagules get the third pair of leaves. So in the end you’ve got the beautiful, lush bush.
  • Kalanchoe at home can be infected with the vermin: spider mites, mealybug, scale insect. To escape your plant you should regularly inspect it. If you have found the problem, you should start the therapy and make it promptly. You can exterminate vermin with the insecticides, which you can find in specialty stores. If you prefer to cure it with the empirical remedies, so you can use the warm soapy shower. It is recommended to move away the sick plant from the healthy ones, before the therapy is going on.
  • Kalanchoe is known not only for its sophisticated outward, but for its useful properties. This plant can be good for the rhinitis treatment, fights eczema and festering wounds. It will not be superfluous to add this unique plant to your own green medicine chest.

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Mikael on 2016-02-26 21:00:15 said:

Thank you very much for the article! Long ago I wanted to plant kalanchoe, but did not know exactly what you need to do and how to plant. I always thought that kolanhoe hygrophilous plant, but it was quite the opposite. Now I can put him at his home to the delight of his wife, children and the whole family. The article was very useful for me

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